Are you a conservator or collections care professional? Do you use social media? Help us out!
On an upcoming episode of The C Word: The Conservators' Podcast we'll be discussing social media use amongst conservators. We'd love to hear from you to better inform our discussion. The results may also be used to create charts and infographics to visually illustrate how social media is used by conservators.
Which social media platforms do you use? *

This includes personal and professional use alike.

What type of social media account do you use? *

Do you have multiple accounts for the same social media platform? If yes, why?

Do you use different social media platforms depending on the content you share and who you want to reach? Please give an example.

What type of content do you share? Please give examples.

What type of content do you NOT share?

What is the best example you’ve seen of conservation on social media? And the worst?

Do you have professional discussions on social media? Please elaborate if you can.

By this we mean things such as asking other conservators for advice or experiences.
Which of the following do you identify as?

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